The bespoke on road driver training solution brought to you by leading off road training and experience provider, ukLANDROVERevents.

All courses delivered by fully qualified DVSA Approved Driving Instructor.

Based around Teesside and North Yorkshire, ON ROAD TRAINING provides a range of driver training courses for both private individuals and businesses which can be tailored to your own needs.

All courses start with our specially designed assessment, which allows us to grade drivers on up to 40 different criteria across 10 areas of driving ability.  All full day courses repeat this assessment at the end to highlight improvements, and to identify areas for further development.

Assess Only
1 hour

  • For those just wanting our assessment to identify potential areas for further development.

Half Day
3½ hours

  • Ideal for those who want an assessment and some help and advice from the instructor on how best to improve their driving and reduce risk on the roads.

Full Day
7 Hours

  • Aimed at the driver who wants additional time with the instructor to work on techniques and strategies to enable them to improve their driving and reduce risk. Another assessment at the end of the day will highlight improvements made.

Our Courses

Advanced & Defensive Driving

This course is designed for people who want to become safer drivers, with better awareness and judgement of what is happening around them.
During the session you will learn ways of being more prepared for whatever might happen around you on a variety of road types.
Only available as a full day course.

Anxiety & Confidence Training

Do you need to build your driving confidence, perhaps after an incident or accident, or are you returning to driving for the first time in several years?  If so, this course will help you confront your fears, learning techniques that will help reduce your anxiety and make you a safer and more confident driver.

Training for Specific Road Types

Do you struggle to deal with motorway traffic, or perhaps rural roads make you nervous?  Whichever particular road type or traffic situation you find daunting or difficult, we will put together a bespoke course to help you learn how to keep yourself safe and feel more comfortable in those environments.

Training for Specific Vehicle Types

Just bought your first sports car or large SUV, or maybe you're switching to a modern automatic after years of driving manuals?  Perhaps you've recently passed your driving test in a small hatchback but now need to drive something totally different.  This course will focus on the skills needed to adapt to your new type of vehicle.

Newly Qualified Driver Safety

Drivers who have passed their driving test within the last 24 months (or their parents) may worry about the statistics surrounding accidents involving new drivers.  This course encourages safe driving by teaching awareness and defensive driving techniques.
Full day course can incorporate Pass Plus.

Mature Driver Assessment

There are now over 4 million full licence holders aged over 70, and over a million aged 80+.  Older drivers (or their families) may wish to seek reassurance that they are still safe on the roads.
This can either be a 1 hour assessment, or a half day course aiming to improve awareness and defensive driving techniques.

Driving for Work Assessments

More than a quarter of all road traffic incidents involve someone who is driving as part of their work.  Health & Safety law means employers and the self employed have a duty to ensure the safety of drivers.  Our assessment will identify the elements of your driving where you could make some improvements.

Something Else?

If you're looking for some specific driver training that isn't covered by the regular courses listed here, we can usually still help.
Simply CONTACT US and let us know what you'd like to gain from your driver training, and we can put together a bespoke course specific to your requirements.


To request more information about any of our training courses, just call us on
07787 555060, or leave your details and a brief message using the form below.

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